Promoting Sustainability in the Promotional Industry

At The Sweet People, we’ve embarked on an inspiring journey towards carbon neutrality, and we’re thrilled to share our story with you. With a passion for sweet delights and a commitment to preserving our planet, we are proud to announce our partnership with ClimateWise, a global initiative dedicated to addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

Our Carbon Emissions Assessment: In 2022, we took the first crucial step in our sustainability journey by assessing our carbon emissions. The results revealed that we were responsible for emitting 20 tons of CO2 annually. Recognizing the significance of this impact, we decided to take immediate action.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions: To counter the carbon emissions generated in 2022, we planted 2000 trees, making the year a carbon-neutral one for The Sweet People. However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We are committed to planting 1000 trees each month, addressing the carbon footprint generated over the past 24 years – a promise to our planet and future generations.

Planting Trees with Every Eco Box: In our dedication to sustainability, we are excited to introduce our eco box range crafted from new kraft eco box material. For every 500 units of our eco boxes sold, we pledge to plant a tree worth 17p. This initiative further supports our commitment to a greener future and preserving our environment.

ClimateWise Projects: As proud partners of ClimateWise, we actively participate in several projects that contribute to a more sustainable world. These include planting seagrass to capture carbon in the environment, supporting the Eden Reforestation Projects, and engaging in the Peruvian Stove Project. These initiatives reflect our dedication to making positive changes for the environment and the natural world.

Transparency and Carbon Tracking: We believe that transparency is crucial in our journey towards carbon neutrality. That’s why we’ve developed a carbon calculator on our website, where you can track the number of trees we’ve planted and the carbon emissions we’ve captured. This tool provides real-time updates and showcases the global locations where these trees are being planted.

Our Future Goals: Our ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and possibly reach net-zero emissions in the coming years. We’re committed to fostering a greener, more sustainable future for our industry, our customers, and our planet. Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of the change for a better world.

At The Sweet People, we’re sweetening the world one tree at a time. We invite you to be a part of our sustainability efforts and help us make a significant impact on the environment. Together, we can make a positive change and set an example for the promotional industry and beyond.

Thank you for joining us on this inspiring journey towards carbon neutrality and a greener future with ClimateWise.