Peppermint Card

A Peppermint card with dispenser in one corner, with sugar-free peppermint pastilles. Available in eight different colours.

Product Information
Lead time
5 weeks
Unit weight
Filling quantity
Product dimensions
78 x 48 x 6.5mm
Print area
70 x 40mm
Nutritional Information
  • This product is suitable for Vegetarians
  • This product is suitable for Vegans

Ingredients: Sweetener: sorbitol; anti-caking
agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids; mint oil,
menthol, sweetener: aspartame, acesulfame
K; silicia.

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 1009kJ/242kcal, Fat 0.7g, of which saturates 0.7g, Carbohydrates 98.2g, of which sugars 0.2g, protein 0g, salt 0.01g.

Contains a source of phenylalanine.
Excessive consumption may produce laxative

Store in a dry place. Protect from heat.