Since 1998, we’ve grown rapidly, year on year, refining our production processes and building our range of sweets and chocolates as we go. We’ve been nationally recognised for our service to distributors, production quality and food standards – as well as our famous jellybeans, of course.


Behind closed doors at The Sweet People’s HQ

All design, assembly, printing, finishing, packing and distribution takes place in-house at our UK head office sweet factory.

Whilst it’s not quite Willy Wonka’s, you will find many happy faces, creative ideas, colourful sweets and exceptionally hygienic production processes at The Sweet People.


Premium quality without premium price

As we have complete control over production, we can create promotional items to suit everyone’s budget – and we keep our prices competitive too.

It also means we don’t need to set limits on orders and can comfortably handle large volume runs with the same care and attention as we do on small campaigns.


Beautiful, Branded Packaging Produced In-House

Many of you who have been with us for years know all about our personalised, full-colour boxes, which we use on our sweet packaging.  It remains a distinct feature of our products and will make your promotions stand out for all the right reasons.


There’s a lot more to The Sweet People than you think. Come and take a tour