Our commitment to food safety and quality has evolved into a much deeper commitment to our planet and the people in it.



Today, we continuously audit the business and its impact on the environment. From our own carbon footprint and packaging solutions to the ink we use, the suppliers we work with and the ingredients of our products, sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of all we do.



It wasn’t easy finding a non-plastic packaging solution that would keep our contents fresh but could also be printed on. However, with perseverance, working closely with innovative suppliers, we’ve sourced biodegradable packaging that maintains our rigorous food safety standards and allows us to continue personalising our products with vibrant designs and logos.

The Delipac board we now use across our eco range is fully compostable, food safe, naturally biodegradable and printer-friendly.

We’ve removed all bubble wrap padding too and replaced with recyclable, sustainable paper.

Reuse is as important as recycling, and we have introduced more innovative containers that can be reused over and over again. The designs of our tins are perfect keepsakes and ideal for repurposing.

Where possible, we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace innovative production methods in the UK. Take a look at our solar-powered gold tin!



The personalisation we offer is what sets our luxury products apart. Our printing is central to that.

To complement the new, sustainable packaging, we have also sourced oil-less, food-safe toners that support vibrant 5-colour graphics in the printing process.

Both the packaging and printing have also been designed to speed up our production too, without costing the environment in the process.



We’ve invested in better practices throughout the business to minimise product waste. Our increased in-house production of chocolate and packaging also means we can reduce our carbon footprint from beginning to end of a customer’s order.


Ethical ingredients

With a range of Fairtrade and vegan options, we’re also encouraging clients to choose more ethical and environmental options. Luxury, mouth-watering treats taste so much better when they don’t impact negatively on the planet.

Our master chocolatier runs our SALSA certified factory and oversees innovation, production and quality at every point – right down to each ingredient. Our British-made chocolates use only the best cocoa, responsibly sourced from the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. This Foundation does wonderful things for the cocoa-growing communities to help improve their livelihoods and the sustainability of their crops.

Let’s all make a positive difference together. Browse our eco-collections today.